CCTV Surveillance System

Theft, vandalism and burglary are common issues faced by both the individual as well as organization. The resources gone may not be returned and the company may suffer due to this. The best way to avoid such a situation is to establish a CCTV Surveillance System that may detect every move of the employees. This is the most cost-effective method to ensure safety of your resources. The CCTV System is a digital video solution that combines on-site monitoring and recording with remote capabilities. This allows you to monitor and manage your operations on-site or remotely to enhance business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

We work closely with your team of professionals and advise them on the placement of the cameras to optimize the coverage and effectiveness of the surveillance system. We take into consideration the operational requirements and ambient lighting conditions of the area of surveillance. Drize Technologies Private Limited has years of experience in providing CCTV surveillance solutions to both individual and organizations. Our team of experts advise you with optimum and reliable solutions that combine the use of Cameras and Recording equipment to protect your business. Together with our strategic partners, Drize Technologies Private Limited provides extensive range of CCTV Recording equipment that range from Analog to the latest Internet CCTV Surveillance system to satisfy your security needs.

Drize Technologies Private Limited has a BPO unit which is functional 24 hours a day and caters to the entire customer service request. We a pool of dedicated Customer Service and Technical Support Team to support and service any technical problem round-the-clock, providing our customer a peace of mind and minimize downtime for their security system. Also, our user-friendly Web application interface securely receives and transmits live video from any of your cameras and allows you to remotely check in on your home or business.