Networking Solutions

With the development of organizations prompting across the board topographical activities and expansion of complex new innovations – network efficiency and accessibility becomes factor of central significance. We at Drize Technologies Private Limited comprehend this need of organization and focus on making network arrangements that are powerful, accompanied with a fast network. Our networking solutions help our customers in the analysis of current system framework by identifying the dangers and openings, examining network approaches and prescribing the solution to streamline their system. Further, our proactive checking and scoping approaches enable our customers to additionally decrease the operational expenses while expanding the profitability.

We are a leading network solution providing company that offers various network options customized according to the client’s business requirement. Here are few of the fields in which we are an expert:

Wired networking :
Wired network is utilized to separate between remote associations and those that include links. While remote gadgets impart over the air, a wired setup utilizes physical links to exchange information between various gadgets and PC frameworks.

Wireless networking :
A wireless system enables gadgets to remain associated with the system without the help of any wires. Passageways increase Wi-Fi signals, so a gadget that is away from a switch yet at the same time is associated with the network. A remote neighborhood (LAN) utilizes radio waves to interface gadgets, for example, PCs and cell phones to the Internet and to your business system and its applications.

Hotspot Management :
A hotspot is a physical area where individuals may get Internet get to, regularly utilizing Wi-Fi innovation, by means of a remote neighborhood (WLAN) utilizing a switch associated with a network access supplier. In its least complex frame, settings that have broadband Internet access can make open remote access by arranging a passage (AP), in conjunction with a switch and associating the AP to the Internet association.

At Drize Technologies Private Limited we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies to develop a robust, end-to-end plan to achieve your full vision. We are proud to help shape and improve our client’s network infrastructure and manage their business. We develop advanced analytics strategies that turn your data assets and upgrade your analytic capabilities to give you competitive advantage. We help you to set up advanced analytics ecosystem for decision support that will improve your operational effectiveness and efficiency.